Miroslav Grosser – Berlin, Germany

Musician, Vocal Coach, Singer

Miroslav Grosser
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Stimmlabor Offers:

  • European Harmonic Singing in workshops, visit the next workshop for Overtone Singing with translation, the detailed workshop description in english you will find here
  • Individual sessions in Western Overtone Singing, even per Video Skype (search for: miroslavgrosser)
  • Holistic Vocal Coaching for stage performers in general and all professions
  • Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound as a way of transformation, visit the next workshop for Nada Yoga
    the detailed workshop description in english you will find here
  • „DANCING VOICES“ – our open group classes for acappella improvisation training
  • Holistic Voice Analysis for professional or private interests
  • Concerts, Performances and Bookings for studio recordings

F.A.Q. How can I improve my overtone singing?

please feel free to contact me by phone…0049-(0)30-43 55 79 77

About me:

  • My first instrument was the violin at the age of seven. From my early childhood on my preference was to improvise music
    and I specialize in voice and instruments. Please listen to my music
  • 1991, inspired by listening to the voice of a tibetan monk on a CD from Joachim-Ernst Berendt (Nada Brahma)
    I started imitating this sound. Since then I sing harmonics daily with great passion. Overtone Singing and Tutorial Videos
  • My first and only personal teacher in „western harmonic singing“ for five years was Sangit M. Waldner. I started with Nada-Yoga (the yoga of sound). Now I give concerts, workshops and vocal sessions as a freelance artist. Now my teacher is the singer and scientist Wolfgang Saus.
  • 1999 I founded the „Stimmlabor FREIKLANG Berlin“ to offer lessons in overtone singing as well
    as for time and space to explore and fulfill the whole voice potential on stage, for professional and private interests.
  • 2001 I produced my first Solo-CD, entitled „Sounds of Light“ (orig. Klänge des Lichts) doing solely
    harmonic singing without any instruments. I invite you to listen to and download Harmonic Singing Solo CD
  • In Berlin I offer group classes for Vocal Improvisation, Harmonic Singing and Nada Yoga, as well as
    seminars concerning the connection of Voice, Energy and Consciousness.
  • You can book me and my vocal art for performances, workshops and studio recordings in Germany and worldwide. Phone: 0049-(0)30-43 55 79 77 contact Miroslav Großer


Here you can see my Certificate ln Overtone Singing and Teaching and very soon my Certificate for the first Overtone Singing Masterclass in the International School of Overtone Singing leaded by Wolfgang Saus, a brilliant german overtone singer and renowned scientist researching the mystery of voice in general and the issue of overtone singing specifically since 1980

I am listening forward to meet you and your voice!

Overtone Singing Albums
for Listening and Downloading

If you like to listen to few CD samples you can choose one of our four albums below

1. Pure Overtone Singing Solo by Miroslav Grosser
Here you can download the full album „Sounds of Light“ 

2. Overtone Trance Miroslav Grosser plus natural sounds and the voice of Catrina
Here you can download the full album „Spirit of Nada“

3. Tantric Vocal Trance plus electronic Soundscapes by Empty Mint
Artists: Catrina, Miroslav Grosser, Vigor Calma
Here you can download the full album „Liquefaction“

Here a feedback about my vocal work:
„I have experienced Miroslav not only in his coachings, but also in his workshops and voice analysis as well. Therefore I can say that Miroslav has the unique talent not only to make out the best from your voice, but also to support you in a very gentle way through all those deep inner processes of reconnecting back with your voice as a friend of you.
To work with him not only changed the way I perceive my voice but showed me aspects of my personality, for which I wasn’t aware before.
A coaching with him can be a life-changing experience, which I can only recommend.“